Sharon Winsmith is an attorney, wealth advisor, and investor. As a serial entrepreneur, Sharon has started and managed several different companies. She has acted as the personal tax advisor to many Fortune 500 companies and has been an advisor on acquisitions totalling over $45B. She is also an active real estate investor and owns properties located throughout the U.S.

Sharon has written extensively about non-conventional ways to build wealth and obtain financial freedom. As a personal advisor to some of the wealthiest individuals in the U.S. and abroad, Sharon has an inside view of how the rich make and invest their money. Sharon believes in sharing these strategies and techniques to help educate and inspire the next generation of investors in achieving financial independence and the life they want to have.

Sharon has spent more of her career focusing on tax law and is the founder and CEO of Tax Planning HQ, an educational company specializing in tax planning strategies for business owners and investors. She is also an owner in many other businesses, several of which she actively manages.

Originally born and raised in South Carolina, Sharon moved to NYC to start her career in 2010. She currently lives with her wife and two cats in Manhattan.